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Re: item..dc problem

I'm having the exact same issue with another mama here. The DC says that the PO was notified of the package on Feb. 1 but that it hadn't been accepted yet. However, the mama said she mailed it. She's been great with communication and has been around a long time with very high approval, so I'm not worried. I think it's an issue of either the PO not scanning it in or not updating the DC, and/or delays because of the weather. (We both live in the semi-frozen midwest. )

OP, in my opinion if the mama gives you a DC#, I would wait longer than 2 weeks before filing with paypal. I only say that because of all the delays due to weather, and because, really....if she was gonna scam you, she's going through an awful lot of trouble, going and getting a DC# for you and everything. I don't even know how one could do that without mailing you something.

I had a mama open a paypal dispute on me after I sent her a couple of diapers w/ DC and they took about a week to get to her. The reason she did it was because the DC# actually said that the packages had been scanned and accepted-- just didn't say that they'd left the post office yet. And this was over the Christmas holidays, too! The mama made no account for the holiday delay and IMO completely jumped the gun. She also posted on this forum about it, outing me by name. I was not a happy camper. Of course the diapers eventually arrived, a week or so after mailing. So, yeah....I'd close the dispute if I were you. But that's just me.
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