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Re: item..dc problem

Originally Posted by coffeegirl View Post

I had a mama open a paypal dispute on me after I sent her a couple of diapers w/ DC and they took about a week to get to her. The reason she did it was because the DC# actually said that the packages had been scanned and accepted-- just didn't say that they'd left the post office yet. And this was over the Christmas holidays, too! The mama made no account for the holiday delay and IMO completely jumped the gun. She also posted on this forum about it, outing me by name. I was not a happy camper. Of course the diapers eventually arrived, a week or so after mailing. So, yeah....I'd close the dispute if I were you. But that's just me.
NEVER close a dispute once it is open unless the package is either in your hands or you have a full refund. Once it is closed, it can not be opened and leaves you vulnerable to being scammed.
You can pm me the name since H2B inbox is full and I will share the info with her as well as look into this.
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