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So why not just be honest?

... seriously?

Ive been lucky so far - not very many mamas/wahm have ever made me feel bad over a purchase. Normally I have a high limit before reacting as well.

Well, the thing is I won a cute pair of longies of an auction on ebay - I normally dont buy baby stuff there, but really liked this pair!
It stated it was NEW but with no tags - well, hand knit items normally dont come tagged, unless the wahm/maker has cards or such.. So that didnt throw me off at all. I paid a solid price for them even though they were not of any HTF colorway or anything.

They arrived yesterday all nicely wrapped up in silky paper - first thing I noticed though when unwrapping was the obvious signs of recent wear, soft bulging knees and butt. Wel i didnt mind - she could easily have tried it on her child I thought and just worn it a little bit around the house but when turning them around there was dried food (dried porridge it looked like) all the way from the back waist to around the cuff.. I mean deep in to the fibres as well - easily noticable.

Im I out of line to have a negative reaction to this? Am I weird if I make sure stuff I sell has a correct listing and do my best to at least send stuff that has been cleaned?

I have now cleaned them my self - but still feel a little bit grossed out

Just wanting some feedback to what is normal..
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