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Re: scared...hcg levels...anybody know anything about this?

EVERYTHING'S OKAY!!!!! I AM THE MOST THANKFUL PERSON IN ALL THE WORLD RIGHT NOW! We got another ultrasound this morning. They had the T.V. where you can look at everything turned off (as if they KNEW it would be more bad news)....about a minute later, the ultrasound lady said..."Mr. Parnell, I think you might want to turn that TV on. Watch right there. There is your babie's heartbeat." I burst into tears and couldn't stop laughing. I had resigned myself to the fact that it was either an ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage. I never thought that they would find a healthy baby that is currently 6 weeks 2 days old. They didn't see anything last week because it was too early (which is exactly what some of you said). However, the docs had told me not to have hope because my hcg numbers had been so high. They were higher than normal so they thought that the baby must be older. Today, they said that higher than normal numbers just sometimes happen. However, it doesn't matter much. So, I am now due on Feb. 14th!!!! I know that there is still a chance things could go wrong, but right now....I feel on top of the world. My husband and I are the happiest people in all the world. I thank you all sooooooo much for caring and supporting me. Thanks so much for your thoughtful words. They meant so much more to me than you all realize!!!
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