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Re: So why not just be honest?

I had this happen to me with an item I bought from ebay. It was actually a Gymboree dress that DID have tags. The tags were wrinkled and crumpled. It was a jean dress and the tags on the dress (not the price tags, the actually size tags) had taken on the blue color of the jean material and was frayed. The dress was a size 3-6 mo. There was spit up on it in two places. The dress itself was wrinkled and not "pressed" like when you first buy it. (She sold me a hat with it and it had a totally different look because it was never worn.) It was SO clear the dress had been worn. Jean material is definitely not one you can get away with wearing and passing off as new. Maybe she bought it that way and that is what I tried to assume. I don't know. But, clearly, it was worn. I emailed her about it. She called me a liar! She was rude and I was really hurt. It became more about my emotions and not being believed than it did about the dress. She wanted me to send it back to her at my expense and she would reimburse me without shipping. Well, I only paid $9, including shipping, for it! I would have ended up paying around $5 for a dress I no longer owned and for a big hassle. (I was also new and worried about her leaving me nasty feedback even though it would be technically positive.) I asked her for a partial refund instead. She claimed I just wanted to get the dress cheaper. That was NOT the case. She ended up giving me the partial refund, but I was so hurt the whole experience. I haven't bought or sold there since. I had been planning to try to start selling there a good bit. I still want to, but that left such a bad taste in my mouth. I just need to go for it.
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