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Re: How off could my due date be based on early utrasound? I know it's wrong.

Originally Posted by mommy2kaitlyn View Post
I proved that theory wrong 7 weeks 4 days and was told I was 6 weeks 6 days. This was by my conception date, not my LMP. So yeah no question U/S was off.
Since sperm can live up to 5 days, I don't think that proves anything. A few day maybe, but I think a few days I acceptable range, I doubt it'd be off by two weeks.

Op- your ob is saying July 1st bc they are estimating you o date of July 14th, based on a standard 28 day cycle. It really does not matter when is listed as your lnmp, only when you o. For example, my lnmp is aug 13,2009.. And obviously I am not that pregnant lol!

If you are 100% certain you are further along, and go into labor at 35 weeks (37 by your count) demand an amnio before allowing them to stop labor.. They can give you drugs you don't consent to.

Ftr, my early dating at ten weeks was off by 1 day (I charted and knew when I o'd but played dumb bc my lnmp edd would have been wrong)
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