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Re: For those dealing with recurrent, constant thrush...there IS hope!!! (and benefit

Originally Posted by idigchaitea View Post
Here's my update!

I LOVE this stuff! I've been using Threelac and Candex for about a month now, and I am noticing major improvement. The burning sensation in my nipples is gone and hasn't returned, and the shooting pains in my breasts are extremely rare. The shooting pain only happens if I eat way too much sugar in one setting, and even then it's not that bad and very rare. So really, I haven't changed my diet at all (I still eat sugar and carbs) and I haven't had a thrush outbreak since I started the supplements. Eating less carbs would probably be even better, but I don't have that discipline (tried it in the past). It's pretty amazing, and I will be continuing to order the stuff. I've read that it takes about 5 months to completely heal yourself, but I noticed a change right away.

I do have die-off symptoms, which I also noticed as soon as I started taking it. I felt slightly dizzy after taking Threelac the first time, and I also have mild headaches after taking Candex. I think I have had candida issues for most of my life, so I think the die-off might take awhile for me.

Overall, I highly recommend Threelac and Candex just like the OP! It is pricey, but being thrush-free has done wonders for my breastfeeding relationship with my baby. I almost switched to formula because of recurrent thrush, but now i feel free.
Okay, I think I'm going to try this. I think I have had candida issues for a really long time as well. (At least 6 years when I had my first topical outbreak under my breasts, no kids yet) I've struggled with yeast with all 3 of my nursing experiences. It caused me to wean one of my sons at 6 months and exclusively pump, which lead to low supply and him on all formula by 10 months. I nursed my first set of twins in pain the entire time for 16 months. I am nursing my second set of twins in pain most of the time. For a while, it was just my nipples. Now, I get vag. yeast infections all the time too and it's interfering with my "personal" life. Not cool! I'm over this, very OVER THIS. Thanks for this post. I'm going to look farther into it tomorrow.

Do you mind if I ask what your die-off symptoms are? You mentioned headaches. I was just on a round of Diflucan, which didn't take care of it fully because I was also on antibiotics for strep throat. I had a horrible headache for like 5 days straight. I thought it was the antibiotic because I was finishing it up. Normally, I would wait to start the Diflucan till I'm done with that, but it was really hurting. I started my Diflucan anyway. I'm wondering if my headache was the Diflucan killing yeast. (Die Yeast! Die!! ) Anyway, what are some of the other symptoms? Thanks so much for giving us an update!
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