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Re: Uterine Rupture after successful VBAC ?

I have personally known two friends it happened to. One was delivering her 5th child after 3 successful vbacs (1st pregnancy was a c/s),but potosin was used and she had to sign a paper stating she understood it could cause a rupture. The second was a friend delivering her 6th after 3 successful vbacs and her water broke at home they went to the hospital she was pushing and it ruptured as the baby was coming out,but no pitcocin was used. Both were completely unexpected and both of them would have died with in minutes if they didn't have the OR right there. I don't think there is any way to tell who is "safe" or "at risk" I would say as long as you are at a hospital that can handle it if something goes wrong then try for a vbac but feel confident that if something goes wrong another c/s is an option.
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