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Re: sex and nursing!

looks like i'm part of the club, too. poor hubby is going nuts ... he even adds sex to his to do list. but, seems that one of us is in bed before the other and crashes immediately.

my boobs are off limits, too, to a degree b/c i just don't want to leak all over! i do like the idea of getting a sexy nursing bra. i feel like an old marm w/ my current bras!

i was 6 wks pp before we had sex, but even then it was touchy b/c i'd had a 3rd degree tear and was mostly healed, but not completely. a good lube helps, especially if you're using condoms.

since then, it's only been a couple times. tell you what, i'm missing some good sex and want to ... but, it's been hard to find the time - there's always something to do, ds needs attention or i'm too tired ... or sometimes i'm just turned off by how blunt dh is about wanting sex. some sweetness will go along way ... but i know it's a two-way street. have to give in order to get, i guess.
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