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Re: Elective 3d/4d ultrasounds

Originally Posted by OneFishTwoFish View Post
Eaglewife - Where was your placenta that they couldn't see anything? I do have an anterior placenta, but there was no problem at the anatomy scan last week.

That is great that you can have it done at your doctor's office!

DH thinks I should do what I want since it's our last baby. His work schedule is all over the place so I am considering asking some of the women in my family to join me and make a lunch date out of it. Who knows.
as far as being anterior/posterior, i have no idea...but dd basically had her face buried in it or because of the difference in the type of ultrasound, there frequently isn't an issue with the regular ones and being able to see baby...we never had one either....but then when it came to the 3d, all we could see was the placenta! the tech explained it to us when we attempted it, but i don't remember it all so i'm no help i would say maybe call one of the places and see what they say because of the anterior placenta, or find out if they offer your $ back, or a 2nd session if things don't go well.
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