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Intervention to end BFing?!

So, yesterday, my sister (with whom I am VERY close :-)and best friend (since we were 5) called me (on three way) as an intervention to get me to stop breastfeeding DS. Their arguments were 1) He is too big to be breastfeeding still (granted, he is the size of a 12 mo but he is still 5 mo) 2) After a certain point there are little to no nutritional advantages (I explained to them they were correct-even though that doesnt apply at 5mo, but nutrition is not the only reason I am doing it-also emotional and psychological reasons). They had some other superficial arguments, but when it all boiled down, I think they are just 1) uneducated about BF and 2) a little jealous-they both have children, but none of them have jobs that really supported BF or the lifestyle/support that would allow them to BF even if they wanted. I simply explained to them that I was going to BF for as long as DS is interested-maybe age 1, maybe 2 or even longer, and that they need to get used to which they responded "thats just disgusting." I lauged it off and still think its kind of funny. Has anything this crazy happened to you mamas?

To answer some of your questions, I think my sis thinks its "disgusting" because our mother was very hands off, and although Ive worked hard to develop an understanding that closeness is healthy and desireable, my sis still has my mom's (unhealthy) view of closeness (i.e., that it is gross, uncomfortable etc.) and my sis will never change that-esp. b/c my mom is now deceased my sis idolizes my mom even more-Ive had my own intervention for her on that topic-lol.

And, to add to the story, my bff is presently expecting a daughter and although she says she wants to BF, I think her confidence is waning and she is projecting that on me a little (i.e., if I cant BF, you cant either). Also, my bff has a very old school hands off parenting style whereas Im more attachment I just dont think they could ever understand....but, they dont have to understand for me to keep doing it I will do it regardless of where their minds are-haha! Their jaws nearly dropped when I told them I will be BFing at my bff's unborn daughter's first birthday party
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