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Re: Intervention to end BFing?!

Originally Posted by amb2j View Post
So, yesterday, my sister (with whom I am VERY close :-)and best friend (since we were 5) called me (on three way) as an intervention to get me to stop breastfeeding DS. Their arguments were 1) He is too big to be breastfeeding still (granted, he is the size of a 12 mo but he is still 5 mo) 2) After a certain point there are little to no nutritional advantages (I explained to them they were correct, but nutrition is not the only reason I am doing it-also emotional and psychological reasons). They had some other superficial arguments, but when it all boiled down, I think they are just 1) uneducated about BF and 2) a little jealous-they both have children, but none of them have jobs that really supported BF or the lifestyle/support that would allow them to BF even if they wanted. I simply explained to them that I was going to BF for as long as DS is interested-maybe age 1, maybe 2 or even longer, and that they need to get used to which they responded "thats just disgusting." I lauged it off and still think its kind of funny. Has anything this crazy happened to you mamas?
Weird I've never heard of that. Well maybe once when the NP told me at one of DS2 dr's visit. I looked at her like she had 3 eyes.
Sorry to hear of another dissapointing story glad you can laugh it off though cuz I'd need someone to hold me back
Gosh theres so many more benefits that people dont realize like helping to protect against diabetes types 1 and 2, meningitis, stomach viruses, ear infections, lower respiratory infections, allergies and the list goes on. And not just your baby but its healthy for you too.
So I'm curious why she thinks its disgusting? What could be disgusting about a mother and her child having this opportunity thats just so naturally meant to be?
Is it cause she views boobs as something purely for behind the scenes hint hint? My mother did but she never said it. Shes old school I mean the woman couldnt even tell me about my period like before it was supposed to happen and like had an out of body experience just by getting enough "nerve" when I was 15 if I had gotten it and of course got mad cuz I hadnt told her
Anyhow its good to hear your not letting them make you think otherwise. Your baby will thank you later
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