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Re: Intervention to end BFing?!

Originally Posted by Qbit View Post
Maybe someone already commented on this but I skimmed and didn't see anything. I just wanted to say that, no, they are NOT correct! Breast milk never stops having nutritional advantages. Here's a really interesting link you should check out...

I'm lucky that my DS is not a picky eater, but if he were a picky eater like many toddlers are, I don't think I would be as stressed out about it as many parents are because I know that he is getting all kinds of good stuff from my milk still.

Your milk still has TONS of nutritional value and is all your little one needs until at least 6 months (no cereal, no oatmeal, nothing) and even at that point you don't have to start solids. My son didn't actually start getting into solids until he was 9 months old.

Keep up the good work mama - you know what their issues are, don't make them your issues too.
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