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Re: What diapers are you loving right now?

I'm a simple gal so prefolds/covers are our go-to system. I am sure I would love other stuff if I tried it, but right now I am loving a LL infant pf snappied inside of a thirsties duo size one (I use premium pf with size 2 duo for DD who is PLing). This is what DS has been wearning since a few days old. Now he is 5 wks, 21 1/4 in, and weighs 8 lb 15 oz. It is pretty big on him, but I like the fluffy butt and don't mind since it has been bullet-proof against leaks/blowouts. I'm shocked that it fits to be honest because he is so long and skinny. He is a little bean pole and his legs are like twigs, but it works!

ETA: PF you find that your LO soaks them pretty quickly? DS pees through an infant size so fast so we're changing A LOT, which means a good bit of diaper laundry. I just hate for him to be wet. Sometimes I fold a preemie pf in there too, but it really doesn't seem to help all that much.
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