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Trouble with BF with previous kids

Hi mamas

I am due with baby #3 in May, and I am bound to give nursing another go and succeed.

With my daughter she was born at 36 weeks, She didnt latch well, and I wasnt producing enough to keep her on once she finally get latch, we used a nipple sheild as well. I ended up pumping until she was 5 weeks, then got super sick and was put in hospital and our nursing days were done. I took fenugreek and blessed thistle and was also prescripted something too.

With my son he was also born at 36 weeks. He latched awesome, but then my lack of milk turned him off, he would nurse both sides then take a bottle of formula, and then I would pump. Finally after a month of that he just wouldnt latch and took the bottle. I too took fenugreek and blessed thistle and the rx to boost my supply.

After 3 months DS would refuse the bottle and I tried him at the breast again. I had very small amounts of milk left. He latched and nursed for what I thought was comfort. However I researched and contacted a LLC and successfully relactated for him, and that lasted until he was 6 months.

This time I am starting to leak, and my nipples are so sore (almost like I have started nursing a newborn again) this has never happened before, This time I also bought the medela pump in style and am not giving up. This baby will BF. I would love to not have to mix formula, and the cost of it is just not something I want to deal with.

So my questions are. Is there anything I can do now to increase milk supply? I know I cant start using the pump because it could start labor. I want to do everything I can to succeed this time.

Any suggestions are welcome.
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