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Re: Trouble with BF with previous kids

I really liked listening to the hypnobabies breastfeeding success CD. That's what I'd do to get prepped mentally since I don't think there's a whole lot you can do physically. Also, read, read, read so that if you get any bad breastfeeding advice (that would sabotage or undermine your efforts), you have the knowledge and wherewithal to refute it.

Yay for you for being so determined to make it work! My first breastfeeding experience with baby #1 was only a partial success (nursed/bottlefed formula supplement/pumped every feeding til he was 7 months and I was sick to death of pumping...totally weaned from the breast by 9 months) so I'm thrilled to be going 6 months strong EBF baby #2.

Good luck!
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