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Re: What diapers are you loving right now?

Originally Posted by BabyD'sMommy View Post
ETA: PF you find that your LO soaks them pretty quickly? DS pees through an infant size so fast so we're changing A LOT, which means a good bit of diaper laundry. I just hate for him to be wet. Sometimes I fold a preemie pf in there too, but it really doesn't seem to help all that much.
My DS soaks a prefold totally...I mean not just the front, it wicks all the way to the back as also soaks into the binding on the gussets on the Thristies Duo you have this issue? I am going crazy having to wash the covers so much. I have five covers, but we go through all five in a day. I change him after every feeding (like every two hours) and check him in between. He is just a heavy wetter when he goes I guess...Any suggestions? The good news is that his runny BF poos do not blow out of the prefolds/covers.
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