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Re: How off could my due date be on early utrasound? Update in 16.

A little update and some clarification-

To clarify - I was EBF and having random periods. I know I had one mid june because we were away and I was anoid - although I did not have one before for a few months. I missed my period in July and Aug - duh that would be because I was expecting but I just thought those were due to nursing. When I "found out" I was expecting in late Aug I could really have been anywhere from just a few days to several weeks - I was several weeks.

NOW for the Update - My DD had another ultrasound last week because I was in pre-term labour. She is HUGE, OB's words not mine! That is why I "feel" further along because she is "roughly - as it is an estimate" the same size NOW as my two oldest Full term children!!! She is going to be most likely SEVERAL pounds bigger then her oldest two brothers. The OB did change my EDD by three days I think to make me feel better more then anything.

At last check LO is now 34 and 2 and somewhere between 6 and 7 pounds ALREADY (Ultrasound said est 6 pounds one week ago) My fundal height is around 38 - 39 weeks! I am still having LOTS of contractions but am not progressing THANK GOODNESS. They will deliver her without complaint at 36 and 0 at the hospital I want to go to. BUT I found out she is breech too - so given her probable size and breech presentation I am most probably looking at my first C. It's up to me BUT I've already had one 36 hour labour of a baby who was "stuck" and I don't want to do that EVER again.

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