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Re: Insurance and decisions help

Have you tried calling Tricare? I went through a LOT of issues w/them... I finally was able to talk to someone in "Medical Management." They are the ones that makes all the insurance decisions. Now I am allowed to go to ANY doctor I want w/no copay - after throwing quite the b&%@h fit a few times.

Also, as far as military docs calling in a script... I don't think they can do that. I've gone to MTF's & Veteran's doctors & they've explained to me that they aren't allowed by law to do that. Many doctors are not certified in that state, but b/c they are military they are allowed to practice there as long as they are on the MTF. It sucks, but it's just a rule

I myself hate MTFs in general & have had a few bad experiences there, but I wish I had one that close (I know it's far for you). I live 4-5 hours from the nearest one in OH. I live 30 mins from the nearest actual medical facility at all & 48 mins from my personal doctor/hospital.
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