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Re: When did you wean off of Nutramigen/Alimentum?

Originally Posted by wendow View Post
If his problem is lactose, you could try a lactose-free formula or milk...did you guys ever try that? If you did and it didn't help, then his problem is probably more related to the milk protein itself. I totally agree that if he is eating other fatty dairy, then you do not need a milk. The problem becomes when (like my ds) they do not tolerate any dairy, then you do still have to fill that nutritional gap.

It is all so hard to figure out sometimes! For us, it has involved lots of trial and error and my ds still reacts very strongly to ANY milk proteins. I tend to think that the babies who do tolerate Nutramigen and Alimentum type formulas outgrow their milk intolerances far sooner than the ones like mine who need an amino-acid based formula.
I'm not sure what his problem is, exactly. We tried Enfamil Premium Lipil, Enfamil Gentlease, & Enfamil Prosobee. The prosobee worked alright, he just had really bad constipation. The regular Enfamil and the Gentlease didn't do well for him. The pediatrician at the hospital put him on Nutramigen because he was hospitalized for his reflux. He was also really colic-y. Within 24 hours he was a whole new baby. I will keep him on Nutramigen if that is all he can handle. I'm just wondering if I should try something else. He honestly hates the taste and it is hard to get him to drink it. I'm wondering if trying a low-lactose would be alright, since I know the soy will constipate him and the regular milk-based might be too much for his system. I figure if I give it a shot and it works, we can finally get away from the hypoallergenic stuff.
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