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On Tuesday at my midwife appointment, I agreed to have my membranes stripped. When I got home I took a bath and timed pressure waves, and once I got out, they slowed down, so I planned to go to work on Wednesday.

I went to work on Wednesday and had several experiences of bloody show. During our staff meeting, I began timing pressure waves (there was both belly tightening and some cramping) and they were 5 minutes apart lasting between 30-45 seconds. Once the meeting concluded, I told my boss I was going home, but that I needed to send a few e-mails first. I got back to my desk and sent e-mails only to find that my pressure waves had completely stalled out. I worked to the end of the day and then headed home and they picked back up and I got in the bath to see if they fizzled out or got stronger. They didn't fizzle out, so I texted the student midwife to tell her what was going on. She came by at 9:30 to check me-- I was 5 cm dilated, and she could stretch me to 6, and I was 60-70% effaced. She called the midwife, who decided to drive in from an hour away. They got there (she brought a midwife's assistant) and we were doing a belly cast (I wanted to get it done before I 'lost' the belly!). My pressure waves were coming, but whenever I sat down, they'd slow down. At that point, the midwife asked me if I thought I could sleep, and I thought so. So we got beds set up for them, and everyone settled to sleep.

I woke up at 5:30 and asked the student midwife to check me, and I was a 'stretchy 7'. I made pancakes for everyone while stopping to take little breaks to breathe through my pressure waves. During the morning, I sat on the birthing stool, squatted with the Rebozo and then took a walk around the block with my husband. During our walk, I had 8 pressure waves that required that I stop and breathe through them. By the time we got home, I was very interested in getting into the birthing pool. Once I got into the pool, pressure waves intensified and required my full attention, sometimes bringing tears to my eyes. My water still had not broken, and so I asked for one last cervical check-- I was 8 cm dilated, totally effaced and the baby was at +1 station. I got back into the tub and things kept getting more intense until I felt the urge to push-- I felt my water break (11:27 am), and then thought that I might split in half as my daughter crowned and came into the world in quick succession. (The midwife, student midwife and midwife's assistant kept telling me to slow it down, but I just couldn't!). At 11:31, the student midwife told me to reach between my legs (I'd been almost on all 4s in the tub) and pull my baby to me-- I checked, and saw that we had another daughter! We got her skin to skin on my chest while I delivered the placenta (which came within about 10 minutes), and my husband got to cut the cord. Then they wanted me out of the tub pretty quickly because I'd gotten a second degree tear because she came out so quickly. While I was being stitched up, Abby started nursing and she got to hang out on my chest for a while, and after she'd been 'on the outside' for about an hour, they did the assessment to discover that she was 9 lbs. 3 oz. and 22 inches long. Her APGARs were all good (all 9s, I think), and she's doing just great!

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Grace's birth story here. Abby's birth story here. Lilly's birth story here.
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