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what is a good day absorbency?

I'm looking at some custom bamboo french terry inserts that are lined with bamboo velour. They are 3x3x3(2 lyrs french terry and 1 lyr velour) and 9 total layers when trifolded. Do you think this would be super absorbent for daytime? Even for a heavy wetter? I can also have 3x5x3 inserts made that are the same but with 2 more layers of bamboo french terry in the center panel for 11 total layers trifolded. Is this even necessary for day time? They have 4 lyr french terry doublers that can be used for naps/outings. I'm only planning on trifolding with these inserts. What would you go with?

I was also curious if bamboo velour is a fabric that "catches" runny poo? Maybe it will help it not run off the insert lol.

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