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Re: What's in sposies...exactly?

Um, NO Huggies do not have an ingrediant list, I happen to have a package right here from a stupid Mommy diaper emergency (too much poo, too few dipes) anyway, here is what it says. "HUGGIES diapers contain mild cosmetic ingredients to help keep skin soft and healthy-looking: Petrolatum, Ozokerite." On the other side it says "HUGGISE diapers contain safe, absorbant particles that gel when wet. If you notice a small amount of gel-like material on your baby's skin, it can be removed with a baby wipe or damp washcloth."

The italics are mine. And I am not sure what is so confusing about sodium polyacrilate, here is what it does.

it can absorb up to 100 times its own weight in liquid,

it can escape the inner lining of the diaper, attach to babies skin and cause allergic reactions

There have been reports of bleeding from the genitals, fever, rash, and staph infections

It was banned for use in the US for use in tampons for causing Toxic Shock Syndrome

Can be fatal after ingesting just 5 grams
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