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Re: If my mom tries to touch me one more time I'm going to break her fingers (vent)

My mom never did this because she hates being touched too. But I did have TOTAL STRANGERS try to do it and THAT made me mad. Whenever I'd see them go for it I would step back and say "I do not like to be touched, thank you." Some of them gave me dirty looks, but when they did I would always ask "How would you like a stranger to come up and grab your crotch? No? Didn't think so. It is rude to reach out and touch people without their permission, pregnant or not"

I had a friend who thought it was her right to touch me whenever she saw me, even after I asked her not to. I ended up having to slap her to get her to stop because she's that thick-headed... and we're not talking a tap on the hand either. If I had gotten her with a closed fist instead of my open hand I might have knocked her out. (But then again, I'm violent when I'm pregnant, so yeah...)

As for your mom, I'm not sure what to tell you...grab HER boob out of nowhere and see what she does? I hate it when people think they're being cute and they're really just annoying.
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