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Re: Ok, lets talk about detergent, for once and all.

Originally Posted by coffeegirl View Post
I dry everything except for PUL covers and PUL shells (like Fuzzibunz and Softbums) in the dryer on high heat. I hang the shells and covers to dry on a little rack I have set up on top of my dryer.

Everything else, even AIO diapers with PUL outers, go in the dryer for 40-70 min. on medium or high heat. Sometimes with the AIOs I'll dry them a bit then hang to finish drying. And occasionally if I'm in a hurry I'll throw EVERYTHING in the dryer. Once in awhile the dryer doesn't hurt, but I do know that hanging diapers to dry at least part of the time will extend the life of your diapers.
I have found line drying drastically helps with the smell! Also, if you struggle with smell, after you have washed the diapers, wash them on a super hot wash, near boiling, with a capful of calgon. Then rinse a few times. That should help out a bit. I do that about once a month.
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