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Re: If my mom tries to touch me one more time I'm going to break her fingers (vent)

Originally Posted by bdhutier View Post
I have never had a problem with it,my mom doesn't touch me ever so that's not an issue
Originally Posted by savmaralamommy View Post
Hmmm, I'm going to have to give a different view here. My mom never wanted to touch my belly. In fact, she really wasn't that interested in my babies, period. This is the woman who didn't even come to the hospital untill 2 days AFTER I delivered. With dd2 I was home for four days before she even visited. I know it drives you all crazy, but you are so lucky your mothers care enough to WANT to touch their grandchildren. Yeah it's a little nutty, but so what? I think it is totally sweet and I hope I get to touch my daughters bellies when they are pregnant with my grandchildren. I'd sure hate to think they would all be on DS calling me crazy. Anyways, just my two cents.
I agree with the above.

It's hard to imagine what the other side of the fence is like. For those whose mamas touch them too much, I'm sure it is annoying, but I can almost promise that it beats the alternative.

Everytime I even call my mom just to say "hi" she says within the first 2 mins of the convo, "Just so you know, I can't keep your kids." The same woman who asked for her seat to be moved to the back of the plane on a 5 hr flight where it was just myself, and two LOs. I called to see if we could come for a visit this weekend, she said no... and we haven't seen her in over 2 weeks.

I think I'd prefer a nutty, kind-of-off mama who wanted to show too much affection.
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