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Re: Can we talk about wipes warmers?

I got the Warmies Wipes Warmer recently & love it! I don't fill it up, so I change it out every other day. No mold issues or issues with burning wipes/stink. I have had issues with some of my wahm wipes bleeding & that's putting marks on the pad, but those were bleeding prior to using the warmer. I haven't had any issues I was in fear of having & I really love it! Here's what I do:

I put 1 1/2 to 2 cups of distilled water in a mug & microwave the water for about 3 minutes. I add a bit of Dawn, a few drops of tea tree oil, & either a few drops of Homestead Baby or Lusa's organic wipe solution. Lusa's has a strong smell.

I put my wipes in a mixing bowl, pour the water on top, mix them so they're all wet, and roll them up into the wipe warmer. I do put a wipe I don't like flat on the bottom in case I do get a burnt wipe.

This has worked very well! It takes about 5 minutes to do all of this!

I also make sure I rinse out the pad while my water is heating in the microwave.
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