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Re: Can we talk about wipes warmers?

I have the Prince Lionheart warmer & have been using it for about a year. I have a variety of "kinds" of wipes...some CB flannel, some cheap baby washcloths, some flannel/sherpa wipes, & some flannel/terry wipes. I do not use the pillow, have not used it for most of the time we've had the warmer. I fold the wipes in half (for storage); when I need them, I wet them in the sink w/ warm water & put them in the warmer like that. I don't leave water sitting in the warmer, & don't use a solution. I put maybe 6 wipes in the warmer at a time (I really just grab a small stack) & fill the warmer as many times a day as necessary. Sometimes it's only once (weekdays, when DD is at the sitter's), sometimes more (when we're home all day on the weekend). The only time it got yucky was when DP took DD out of town & I forgot there were wipes in there. A little wipe out w/ witch hazel took care of that. GL!
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