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Re: When did you wean off of Nutramigen/Alimentum?

We went from Nutramigen at 12 months to goats milk. She really LOVED goats milk compared to the nutramigen! Had no problem switching her at all, and she stayed on goats milk until she was 2 and decided she didn't like any milk at all, lol. Now every once in a while she'll have rice milk but that's about it.

Also want to note that an allergy test may not pick up a GI sensitivity to dairy. Both of my kids have a dairy intolerance - not a true allergy - but that doesn't make it any less upsetting to them. We saw a GI specialist for my son after his allergy test came back negative and she confirmed he has dairy and soy intolerances based on his body's reactions to them. So we kept it out of his system and he does fine without
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