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Re: Night worthy fitteds!?

Baby BeeHinds Bamboo fitted. I spent 6 weeks searching for something for a super soaker so I could eliminate that ONE nighttime disposable I had been using for 5 months (abandoned cloth for this one at 2 months for nighttime). She's my 4th CD'd baby and the first I couldn't use simple techniques for nighttime use.

After spending way more money than I should have, we were given a recommendation for these. They are PERFECT. SO soft and so absorbant while not being too thick. Thus far, they work for my 7 month super soaker and my not-nighttime-trained 4.5 year old. They fit my 6 year old and my next test is to see if it works overnight for him as well, so I can eliminate the nighttime pull-ups. I'm actually buying 6 more of these, bringing my stash to 7, tomorrow and eliminating the disposable pull-ups we've been using.
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