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PL'ing question...

Okay...Kain is ready in every way I'd think....he was even daytrained for like 2 weeks....then he just stopped...and now when i suggest he go to the potty, he refuses. He'll go on his own (on very rare occasions)...but if I try to help him, he won't. He'll sit there and just refuse. He'll tell me when he's going in his diaper, he takes his diaper off...he can tell me when his diaper needs changing....he knows when he's about to go....he can hold it....?? What can I do to gently encourage him? I've tried bribing...MIL swore by it...well, doesn't work on Kain. I should've known better than to take MIL's advice., any suggestions? Or just wait? It's frustrating because I know he CAN he's been day trained before...and he does really well when he wants to....the last couple days he's randomly worn big boy underwear....I definitely don't want to shame him....and I don't want to...ya know, punish him or force him....i definitely want to do it gently and just help him make the decision....but how do you do that?
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