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Re: How do you get your kdis to eat...

My daughter is a great eater, mostly because I just only expected her to eat if she was hungry. I figured if she wasn't eating she wasn't hungry, and I'd save the food I made until she was hungry enough to eat it (no second meals prepared, and no snacks if she didn't finish what I made her). I also made sure I exposed her to lots of flavorful, strong foods, such as garlicky hummus, asiago cheese, blue cheese, kalamata olives, spicy mexican food, etc. Her favorite thing to eat now is a hummus sandwich on whole wheat with spinach, provolone and tomatoes. We eat a largely mediterreanean diet, so she gets a lot of variety. We have always told her she has to eat her "strong muscle food" before she can eat a "soft belly food" LOL. She is really into being strong and often refuses her dessert until she has eaten all her veggies. She gets a reward after she eats her meal, usually a cookie, a few gummy bears or some pudding. That works great. I always tell her she doesn't have to eat what I made for her, but that she won't get her cookie or whatever, unless she finishes--that gives her the responsibility, not me.

Good luck!
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