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Re: Weaning from bottle HELP PLEASE

You could do the first am bottle as usual then wait a bit and feed him cereal. Use cold milk in a sippy throughout the day and a reg. bottle at night before bed as usual.

After a day or two warm the Vit D milk up and put it in a sippy for the am bottle and pm bottle. He may not want it all but that's ok. Give him his cereal (or whatever he eats for breakfast) and offer the milk again. Then at night time replace the bottle with warm milk in a sippy and offer a snack or warm cereal again. (we used that infant stuff as a nice snack at bedtime)

Basically you want to slowly wean him off. Bottle as usual, sippy w/ cold milk, bottle as usual. Then after 2 days, Sippy w/warm milk, sippy w/cold milk, sippy with warm milk. Then you can change those am warm ones to colder ones as you go.

I hope that made sense. LOL I did this with my son. We had to find a sippy he liked and then change cups/bottles but keep what's inside them the same so he still got that "warm belly milk" feeling.

It's important to offer some other food with the milk feedings so he doesn't feel like he's not full.

ETA: They need that full belly feeling to feel comfortable. If you give him the warm milk and he doesn't drink it all then he'll be unhappy and want more. So, that's where the snack comes in (or the breakfast meal etc.)
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