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I will have to look at the early potty training one, I read a book that sounds similar. "Diaper free before 3" by Jill Lekovic. I love love love it. It recommends starting at 6 months which I don't agree with, but it helped us recently. He isn't totally crawling yet and will still sometimes go over the sink, but he hasn't gone over the big potty in awhile. i read that book and started using the smart potty lately (baby bjorn) and things are going well. Still not through the crawling phase, but it has helped us transition from in arms to sitting. I find that it very clearly sets a pattern to follow, and so far, I can see ds following it quite clearly so I can really see where we've been and where we are, and what steps we are currently working on. Also, it's a more modern approach, she also advocates disposables, cloth too, but she herself used disposables. The thing with the Ingrid Bauer book that I found, is that it isn't quite a good fit for the "modern" western woman.... I don't think it would be acceptable in my neighborhood if I were to take my boy out of a carrier and pee him in the neighborhood! Bauer's take on that is pretty much "get over it."
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