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pacifiers--what do you think?

Im on the verge of putting a binkie in my almost 6 week old's mouth! I feed her til she's full, she often falls asleep and pops it out, and I drain both breasts, and she's got lots of full dipes. Lately she's been getting more fussy, and especially last night in her cosleeper, she's been waking up fidgeting in her swaddle immediately after I put her down after feedings, and I think she may stay asleep longer if I use a binkie. I feel like we have established ourselves pretty well breastfeeding, she's gaining steadily now. I didn't want to rely on a binkie, and I still plan to nurse the same amount of feedings. But Im also not getting anything done in between feedings anymore, even eating like I should.

What do you all think about pacifiers, and limiting its use? Im lucky, she has been a good baby, often sitting contentedly in her vibrator chair for up to a half hour after feedings, giving me time to eat, etc. But recently, not the case...maybe a growth spurt, but will my breasts support it?? I feel so drained at the end!
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