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Re: Post your Cover Pictures Here!!!

Originally Posted by jessiknox View Post
How do you like the zookies covers? Super trim cover? Are they snug fitting over your trifolded pfs? Wick or leak? Thanks!
The one DS is wearing in that pic is actually too big for him--I wanted him to be able to wear it this spring and summer. They are GREAT diapers! She let me test a one-size she's working on, and it's a great fit. It's got a super-wide range too--DS is already on the highest rise setting on his econobums, but only on the second rise setting on the zookies. It works great for trifolding, and I've never had any leaks.

The ONLY thing is...I've had trouble with the front of the cover sagging down under the aplix and the top of the aplix rubbing on DS's tummy. She's been very nice trying to figure out why, and she offered to try making me another one with the aplix higher, but I wouldn't let her. She said she sells mostly snap ones so she's never had that problem before. She's so nice I hate to even mention that, but I would want someone to tell me before I bought an aplix one.

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