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Suddenly refusing daily bottle of EBM!

I'm not sure what to do here...
DD has been getting a daily bottle of EBM from DH since she was 4w old, knowing that I'd be returning to work after the summer. She's never had a problem w/ it and for the short time I was at work last month, she took 3 bottles/day from MIL or FIL and switched back to BF w/ no probs.
For the past week, though, she's been absolutely refusing the bottle, screaming and crying hysterically until BF'd. DH was doing this feeding around 4am so I could actually sleep more than 3 hrs. straight. We've changed the time to morning, afternoon, night, me giving it to her, DH giving it to her, with vitamins, without vitamins...nothing's working! At most, w/ at least an hr. of screaming, she'll choke down an oz. or 2, but usually not.
I don't mind exclusively BF her, but am going back to work at the end of Aug. What to do?

(Also, she's never been a fan of the paci, but took it for a little while, then suddenly started refusing it, just as she's doing now w/ the bottle. I've tried both latex and silicone nipples/pacis w/ no difference. She wants only to suck on our finger--and needs it to sleep. After we slip it out, whe wakes w/in 3 min. and cries till we give it to her again. She does this 3x w/ each nap and 3-8x at bedtime. What's going on???)
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