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Possibly dumb question about Wahmies pail liners

I finally got a garbage can for dirty diapers last night, and now have a question about putting the liner in. I feel kind of dumb about it b/c I don't know which way is the right way. I assumed that I would put it to where the shiny side of the PUL would be what the diapers touched (the side that does not show the seam). Is that the right way? B/c if I put it in w/the shiny side out, then the little microfiber square is tucked between the liner and the can. Or am I supposed to put it in w/the dull side facing out -- that way doesn't seem right b/c that's the side w/the seam. Am I being an idiot or did the square get sewn in on the wrong side? I tried looking at a photo on the Wahmies site, and I *think* it looks like it's the dull/seam side out, but I photo is really small.

Thanks, ladies!
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