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Strap Covers, Sucking Pads! & Keeper Kords-Keeping babys things close

Reversible Strap Covers!!
For infant seats, regular carseats, infant swings, booster type seats, actual vehicle seatbelts. Also good for strollers, swings, diaperbags or as a soft carrier carrier/mei tai sucking pad.
*Use your own judgment if you use in a child carseat. I make them thin when used for that purpose. I had a carseat tech purchase a pair for her child because they are thin and won't interfere. Again, use your own judgement.

Regular strap cover
$12 + shipping for knit, flannel, OBV or OBF backed with flannel or cotton
$14 + shipping for minkee backed with flannel or cotton

Ergo/babyhawk sucking pads
$14 + shipping for Knit or OBV backed with fleece.
$16 + shipping for minkee backed with fleece

(about $2 US, more for international I assume, but yes, willing to ship outside the US)

They are SOOO soft and comfy! You will get a set of 2. I can do them in natural OBV, colored OBV, knit or minkee. I also have different snap colors.

OBV colors

Current knits

Custom fabric requests welcome!


Keeper Kords
Save your back! Now you can stop picking up what your LO throws/drops!

Coming soon, the MINI KEEPER!! Attach toys to your carrier or attach things to your diaper bag!

Click here for fabric choices!

Check our our new fabrics!!!

Attach the Keeper Kord to your stroller, carseat, high chair, shopping cart...
It can hold on to a toy, blanket, sippee cup, bottle, burp cloth, etc. Attach just about anything they can throw and now you donít have to pick it back up! You could even have your toddler hold on to it so that they stay close to the cart or stroller!

1 for $12, 2 for $20
(plus $1.75 shipping for the 1st, .75 extra for each additional one.)

TheDaisyCo Strap Covers - I LOVE trades!! try me!! My ISO/IHA list! -

Trade your products for my Product Photography? My Store!
I run coops on my yahoo group! Ecojarz, Notions, Frontier, Melissa&Doug, etc...

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