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Can a prefold go bad?

Ok...this may sound like a silly question, but my mom handed me down 6 dozen cpf's when Emma was born. I had intended to cloth diaper, but was uneducated about it, and had some major recovery problems, so they went unused...except for burp rags and mini-blankets. question is this...these are almost 33 years old, and went through 3 kids. They were "premium" at the time and are still in pretty darn good shape. A few frays here and there, but soft, soft, soft and pretty easy to work with. (I've used a snappi and a prowrap with Emma a handfull of times, and they're too small for her, but get the job done.) Can they be used with my new baby due this winter? Is there some real superiority to new ones? I don't want to bang my head against a wall making diapering harder than it needs to be, but I don't want to buy all new if there's no real reason to. Thanks in advance for your opinions!

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