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Re: please tell me it will get better?

I haven't read your other thread mentioned by the PP...I don't know what to say all sounds so horrible and sad to me and I cannot imagine going through what you are going thorugh. It sounds like a nightmare. Is there some sort of support group you can get into....a parents of children with this type of disease type of thing or parents of children with terminal disease support group? A church support group...something? You really sound like you need a support system...some people to help you and guide you and maybe hook you up to some resources for some help or something. Help for you and for DD....mentally as well as someone to come into the home and maybe help out and give you some support there too? I'm so sorry....I can't imagine your pain, it has to be just horrible. Makes us wonder why...ya know?! Makes me feel blessed right now for what I have....

Sorry always if you need me in whatever way I can help!
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