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Re: sex and nursing!

Originally Posted by Phooey View Post
Yikes! My doc says nothing in the vagina (tampons or penis or anything else) until 6 weeks pp. And frankly, I don't remember much of that time because we were both so stinkin' tired I think we were just happy to get some sleep and DREAM about sex...

Maybe he could just use some reassurance that they're OK to play with?

Phooey on realizing that I'd better go get some good boob time before the baby gets here...

My doc said the same thing...actually any doctor I had ; told me you're not supposed to do it till your cleared at your PP checkup. But honestly I had no sex drive until my AF returned and still honestly its not really up there now. We try and all but it sometimes feels like a chore. Oh and my DS is still nursing but he can touch the boobs a little more now that jonah is almost weaned.
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