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Re: # of Kids and STUFF

At this point in time, "stuff" is part of why we won't be having another child for at least year, if not at all.

My kids are 5, 3, and 1. I have a booster seat and two car seats in my SUV and cannot fit another car seat. We cannot afford to get another vehicle right now.

We also live in a 2 bedroom apartment right now. My two older boys share a room, and the baby co-sleeps with me. I don't have ROOM for another child in this apartment and we can't afford to move right now.

In addition, my husband goes to school full time during the day and works full time in the evening. So he's not home to help me much or to spend alot of time with the kids.

Once my husband is out of school and settled into his career, then we can re-evaluate "the baby situation." I really would like to have one more baby, but my husband thinks we're done with three. We are both keeping open minds though, and when our situation changes, he agrees to think about having another one, and I agree to thinking about could I be happy with just our three boys.

So I guess the short answer is... "stuff" is part of the reason we're not having another child anytime soon. The two main ones are the vehicle and apartment are both too small.

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