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Re: # of Kids and STUFF

I wouldn't say stuff for us, for us its more the adoption process - the agency's are mostly corrupt (I'm sure there are some good ones but I didn't find any that didn't do something gross and over charge and I hated a lot of the stuff they did with the expectant/birthmoms) & private via advertising is $$$ to and its a lot to try again and "hope" for another child as if it doesn't happen I'd feel really bad about wasting money that could have been used for other things, we worry about paying for college and graduate school for two kids (ok, I know we don't have to fully pay but it would be nice if they do well and give them a good start), etc.

With our house, we could move further out to a bigger one as with me not working there is no need for us to be here and we'll need to replace my husband's car at some point so its a non-issue but we have on practical family car. But, they raised 2-3 kids in our house just fine so to me, you make it work.

So, with all that said, I still am completely undecided - if through word of mouth we could adopt, we'd do it in a heart beat, but hum..... more making sure our child/ren have the opportunity for solid futures/i.e. college dictates it more.
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