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Originally Posted by vmomma View Post
My 25 weeker had the RSV immunoglobulin from October to April last year. This year, Medicaid cut it down to only 5 injections She started in November this year and her last shot will be in March. I will keep her out of the public throughout April.

I don't understand why it would be easier to catch RSV after they get the shots. Physiologically, it doesn't make sense. It's simply a virus like any other and it doesn't discriminate. Can you explain that further? Thanks

Basically, the RSV shots are not a vaccine, they put anti-BODIES into the childs immune system, and after 30 days or so are up, the antibodies breakdown. This is why they have to give the shots on a monthly basis. But because of the antibodies, the babies immune system cannot build up any resistance at all to the virus, so when the last of the antibodies are gone if the child has any exposure to the virus they are more likely to get it. This is my understanding from the information book that we where given by the nurse that did dd shots. The book clearly stated that if the shots are stopped before the end of the rsv season that the child is more likely to get the virus. Maybe rsv season doesn't last as long in your area.
obviously most kids who get the shots do not get rsv afterwords. I think ours was an unlucky combination of circumstances. I also think that she must have ben exposed within a few days of when the antibodies ran out since she got sick less than a week after they would have given her the next shot. And honestly rsv season usually is at it's worst in our area from feb-march, we just happened to have a particularly late season that year.
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