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Re: # of Kids and STUFF

Stuff as in the number of THINGS we can have over the Jones'? No, but...we were very young when our DS surprised us and for a while it was a struggle to make ends meet & have some 'fun' (which is important to us ~ makes life enjoyable to go out to eat and play once in a while). So we decided to just be able to give HIM everything we wanted to give him comfortably and once we were in a position to do that again for another child we had DD. I'm not saying I spoil my kids but I felt like it was important for us to be able to give him experiences that unfortunately like life, cost $$.
Hell Little League alone costs us about $300 a season. That is my son's passion and hobby and if we had a bunch of kids there's no way we'd be able to afford to nurture that passion. To me that's a very important job as a parent.
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