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Re: # of Kids and STUFF

Originally Posted by danner View Post
Well...I like having my little Prius (or maybe an Audi A3 TDI someday) but for us it really boils down to three things:

1. Hyperemesis Gravidarum
2. We are both 37
3. We think 2 is right for us

I totally get that some women just keep popping kids with HG, but I've had enough. I also did not enjoy the newborn stage of life and neither did my husband, what with the colic and late nights. We only have enough "whatever" to make it through that once more.
So I guess "stuff" is really far down on the list - but it is on the list, in terms of lifestyle capacity.
My doctor refused to diagnose me, but I had hyperemesis gravidarum too! The ONLY thing that makes me ever want to go through that again is that I have a very, very, very, very, very strong desire for DS to NOT be an only child. DS was also a terrible newborn, colic and crying and all. My only hope is that we are blessed with a "good baby" the next time!!!! If we aren't, then we will be DONE. NO MORE. Sometimes I even wonder if I shouldn't become pregnant again, but I know adoption is not an option for a very, very long time.. so pregnancy is the only choice. Ick.
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