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Re: Nourishing Traditions Support Thread

My dh seriously thought I was nuts when I started changing over our diets. He's incredibly picky to begin with and only likes a handful of things. So when I started messing around with those few things-he freaked lol! But, I'm working on changing things slowly, and focusing on the ones he's not really going to notice.
Some things I've changed so far:
-eliminated hfcs from my house
-eliminated all canned goods
-stopped buying boxed cereal and make homemade breakfast options (this is one change dh likes ).
-switching to organic as much as possible, especially focusing on produce. Dh isn't really going to notice the difference between a regular carrot and an organic carrot, but the organic is so much better for us!
-switching from bleached white flour to white whole wheat flour (similar in taste but white whole wheat has all the nutrients as dark whole wheat flour).
-switched from regular beet sugar to organic cane sugar, raw honey, and real maple syrup for sweeteners
-buy organic eggs instead of regular (and will start getting fresh eggs from my fil this summer, after he buys more laying hens)
-buy organic olive oil instead of shortening and vegetable oil (I threw away my Fry Daddy )
-buy organic ground beef instead of regular
-buy organic butter instead of margarine!!!
-started buying Celtic sea salt instead of regular table salt (tastes so much better and FULL of nutrients!)
-cook and bake everything from scratch
-eliminated drinking cow's milk for me and my kids
-working on eliminating gmo food from our house

Things I want to do next:
-continue getting rid of those nasty gmo foods! Big priority for me
-find local meat sources this summer for beef, pork, and chicken
-start a garden for the first time this summer
-start buying local produce at the farmers markets this summer
-look further into the whole grain issue, and possibly get a grain mill/start grinding my own wheat berries
-start making my own yogurt (I've tried doing it in the crock pot but failed miserably, so I'm just going to get a yogurt maker).

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