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Re: Nourishing Traditions Support Thread

Originally Posted by myfrugalfunlife View Post
Here's another great looking site
THANK YOU for this site! I have been looking for the foods you should eat for fertility because I moderate an IVF board and sadly we have a few people at the end of their rope on there. When I heard about the dietary changes I couldn't write fast enough to write them all down so I told them I would get back to them. I thought I would have to wait till I got the book to tell them but that blog says it all! So I just posted it for them.

I have some questions about your post. So my questions are in red.
Originally Posted by myfrugalfunlife View Post
My dh seriously thought I was nuts when I started changing over our diets. He's incredibly picky to begin with and only likes a handful of things. So when I started messing around with those few things-he freaked lol! But, I'm working on changing things slowly, and focusing on the ones he's not really going to notice.
Some things I've changed so far:
-eliminated hfcs from my house my plan is to have some artificial maple syrup in my house just for use by my step father as he is VERY picky about his food. I will also keep the splenda for my MIL as she thinks she needs to float away on sugar even though she is a diabetic.
-eliminated all canned goods Does this include jams? Do you know if jams with fruit juice are bad?
-stopped buying boxed cereal and make homemade breakfast options (this is one change dh likes ). DH is loving this idea too!
-switching to organic as much as possible, especially focusing on produce. Dh isn't really going to notice the difference between a regular carrot and an organic carrot, but the organic is so much better for us! Are you getting these at a farmers market or places like Whole foods?
-switching from bleached white flour to white whole wheat flour (similar in taste but white whole wheat has all the nutrients as dark whole wheat flour). I think I want to do coconut flour but I am open to other suggestions.
-switched from regular beet sugar to organic cane sugar, raw honey, and real maple syrup for sweeteners I did run out of honey recently and so I am hoping to get raw next week. I also like the thought of making things with maple syrup.
-buy organic eggs instead of regular (and will start getting fresh eggs from my fil this summer, after he buys more laying hens) Getting pastured eggs starting next weekend.
-buy organic olive oil instead of shortening and vegetable oil (I threw away my Fry Daddy ) I have nearly every kitchen appliance known to man but I never got a deep fryer. I am going to try to find cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil for cooking.
-buy organic ground beef instead of regular Getting a side of grass fed beef next month!
-buy organic butter instead of margarine!!! I can get pastured pasturized butter so I will be doing that. I guess it is illegal in PA to sell raw cream or butter.
-started buying Celtic sea salt instead of regular table salt (tastes so much better and FULL of nutrients!) This I am really going to have to wait on. I have some sea salt but I also have 2 things of normal table salt that I don't want to just throw out. Though it is cheap so maybe I will if I get to the point that I have done everything else.
-cook and bake everything from scratch I used to do this, but got away from it after DS and cancer. Can't wait to get back to it.
-eliminated drinking cow's milk for me and my kids I am switching to raw milk next weekend
-working on eliminating gmo food from our house DH has no problem with this but I do the shopping so I am going to try for this as well.

Things I want to do next:
-continue getting rid of those nasty gmo foods! Big priority for me They are everywhere aren't they?!
-find local meat sources this summer for beef, pork, and chicken We are getting a pig in the fall (pastured) and my source for milk I can get pastured chickens.
-start a garden for the first time this summer What are you planting? I want to do potatoes, corn, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and a few other things. We do square foot gardening. I also want to do strawberries and get some blueberry bushes.
-start buying local produce at the farmers markets this summer We have a year round farmers market so I am going to try to get things there. There are also a few other places I can go but I need to sniff them out.
-look further into the whole grain issue, and possibly get a grain mill/start grinding my own wheat berries Ooo! Let me know how this goes. I think I can get a grain mill for my mixer (or did I dream that?) if so I would like to do this too.
-start making my own yogurt (I've tried doing it in the crock pot but failed miserably, so I'm just going to get a yogurt maker).I told DH about this and he thought I was nuts. However I do want to make Kefir if for no other reason then to make smoothies!
I did some more research last night and I saw that there was an article on statins and dangers of them. My DH has had high cholesterol for a long time. They keep wanting to put him on a statin but he has refused because there is no evidence that taking them before a heart attack is beneficial (DH is a pharma research scientist so he knows these things). He has said that when he eats the best, he has higher cholesterol then when he eats worse. So we are hoping that these dietary changes will help him as well.

I also wanted to share this blog that I found.
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