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Re: Nourishing Traditions Support Thread

Originally Posted by tiffybear01 View Post
Hey ladies! Ever since I watched food Inc I'm on a mission to change our eating habits as well. I went shopping the other day and I just couldn't believe how ,much food has in it. So that is my first thing, trying to get the hfcs out of our house. Dh does have a coke addiction though (that sounds terrible lol) so that one will have to come slowly. Then I'd love to try to get all the gmos out of our house as well. I so grow my own veggies during the spring and summer and I'm going to try to learn how to can. I would love to find a local meat "farmer". Our farmers market opens in april, so I'm going to actually check that out this year. It's so far from where I live, I've just never been.
- Welcome! Canning is fairly easy to do if you do water bath can. I have never learned how to pressure can. My DH also likes diet coke. However he has told me that he doesn't mind as long as I don't get rid of coffee and beer.

Originally Posted by photocat View Post
We do NT here too, nobody around me IRL seems to know anything about it though and my MIL still insists on using margarine, blerk. I think price is an issue for many people, because eating this way is def' more expensive for us. We don't have GMOs (yet....) or hfcs so at least those are out of the equation.

I'm off to the farmer's market this morning: organic vegies, raw milk, grass fed beef, pastured eggs, non-organic but unsprayed fruit (ya gotta take what ya can get!).

Can I give a few book titles and blog links that people may be interested in?

180degreehealth.blogspot - read the link 'all newcomers read this' in the top right hand corner so you can find out a bit about Matt Stone and where he's coming from.

Underground Wellness - This guy does podcasts as well with guest interviews, very interesting.

Living La Vida Low Carb - I go on and off this one, the blog I don't usually check but he does have some really interesting interviews on his podcast show.

The coconut oil miracle, by Bruce Fife.
Eat fat, lose fat, by Sallon Fallon and Dr Mary Enig

On a tangent....
One of the pp's said something about dh's cholesterol going up when he eats the good stuff. My dh's has done the same thing. I have read varying things on cholesterol and the particle size of the 'bad' cholesterol seems to be an issue...if your 'bad' cholesterol is made up of big fluffy particles, they don't pose a risk, or something along those lines. And the evidence on high cholesterol causing heart disease does not seem to be rock solid. I'm not a chemist, or a researcher, so don't quote me on anything.

Hmmm, sooooo much information around!
- Welcome! I am sorry you don't have anyone around you doing this. For some reason I was thinking Oz was ahead of the US on things like this.

Thanks for the links. I didn't realize that coconut oil does all of that! Cool! I will have to get some of that right away!

My DH is the one in question and he has his PhD in Biochemistry. I asked him about your particle cholesterol theory and he doesn't know much about that.

I think I am going to subscribe to that Nourishing Kitchen helper. I think that will be a good way for me to transition into eating like this. I will give a full report of how it works for me.
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